Chad Kister

Owner, Bessemer Hostel, Author, Film Maker, Public Speaker

Published Books

Arctic screaming: A Journey to the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis.  An informative and exciting journey across America by train, then to and throughout Alaska and Canada with the latest science on climate change.  Published July 29, 2011

Against All Odds: The Struggle to Save The Ridges offers inspiration to the environmental movement.  About the successful effort to protect Radar Hill as a nature preserve in Athens, Ohio, this book can assist any nonviolent struggle with ideas and insights.

Arctic Melting: How Climate Change is Destroying One of World's Largest Wilderness Areas is a must-read about the climate crisis.  The book ends with a series of solutions chapters.

Arctic Quest: Odyssey Through a Threatened Wilderness is Kister's first book, about his 700 mile journey by foot and raft through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  "Highly Recommended" said Author Farley Mowat

Free Arctic Quest mp3 audio book download read by author Chad Kister:

Chapter 1-14

Chapters 15-30

Chapter 31-46

Films    Webcasts

Caribou People

A film about the Gwich'in People shot during Kister's 4th expedition throughout the Canadian and Alaskan Arctic, Mostly in the words of the Gwich'in and Inupiat Peoples:

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4

These are videos in Kister's efforts to protect Dysart Woods, among the last of the .004 percent of old growth forest left in Ohio

National Public Television: Part 1      National Public Television: Part 2

This is a film about the Tongass National Forest, the subject of an upcoming book by Kister:  Tongass Short Film

Here is a presentation about the Tongass National Forest, America's largest old growth forest, in Flint Michigan:

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7

Video of police repression at the G-20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3


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Chad Kister runs the Bessemer Hostel on the second floor of his house, with a hiking trail going into thousands of acres of national forest going from the hostel.

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