Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly Assaults 

Chad Kister and Freedom of the Press

Press Release: Kister pleads not guilty to the false charge (July 17, 2011)

The Athens Municipal Court dropped the bogus charges listed above, but Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly made up more, based on the same phone call (which were also dismissed.  Hasn't he ever heard of double jeopardy?

Kister Catches a Robbery of his Apartment that occurred several days ago by "William Black," who stayed in Kister's hostel while Kister was locked up on a false arrest.  Chad Kister had 3 locked doors that William Black had to go through, including a combination lock to get to his office.  Black signed a form promising not to enter Kister's apartment.  Black's breaking and entering starts at about 11 min. into this 1 gig video clip (right click on the link and download it first to play it).  Priceless photos of the Arctic Refuge and hundreds of dollars were stolen, and his refrigerator and cell phone were destroyed, and likely much more (it would take a while to go through everything). Kister is low-income, and this is a massive loss. (posted 10:14 p.m. June 24, 2011)

Kister had been locked up in the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail in solitary confinement in a tiny cell. Pat Kelly has since been indicted on 25 criminal counts, including 23 felonies, and is no longer the Athens County Sheriff.

Youtube video of the William Black Break-In