In pushing so hard for retroactive immunity for civil liberties violations, both the Bush administration and telecommunications companies are admitting that they have broken the law, and Congress needs to hold hearings to investigate.

            The idea of giving immunity for the most egregious of crimes against Americans should prompt citizens to revolt.  The Senate has scheduled a vote for July 8 for the FISA bill that contains provisions granting immunity for telecommunications companies for violations that they committed.  Senator Russ Feinberg has promised to filibuster, but it appears that it still may pass.

            In the spirit of freedom on this Fourth of July, I implore citizens to take the time to call their Senators at 202-224-3121 or 1-800-828-0498, and oppose this retroactive immunity.  You can also email, fax or send a web form response (  This is the only way that we can find out about the abuses that the Bush administration has committed.  Coming from an administration that tried to label Greenpeace a terrorist organization, we must have the truth about what happened.

            Giving immunity from the courts is a violation of the very tenants of our country, which established the courts as a solid branch of government to hold the administration accountable.  Civil liberties are the key foundation of our nation that our forefathers have fought and died for.  Those pushing for immunity from prosecution for violating liberties are the greatest of traitors and terrorists in our country.

            They are harming are country far worse than the 9-11 hijackers.  Proponents of civil liberties violation immunity are working to erode the most important factor that distinguishes America from countries like China , where protesters are shot.  Liberties like protections from unwarranted search and seizure are what makes America such a great country.  Proponents of immunity from such laws are the ones giving success to the hijackers.

            Call your phone company and tell them to stop using your money as a customer to lobby to violate your civil liberties.  In the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, call their 1-800 numbers regularly.

            We must not give victory to the terrorists.  This Fourth of July, please take action to keep America free.

Chad Kister

P.O. Box 31 ; Athens , Ohio 45701 740-707-4110    (740)-753-3888

Kister is the author of Arctic Quest: Odyssey Through a Threatened Wilderness; Arctic Melting: How Climate Change is Destroying One of the World’s Largest Wilderness Areas; and Against All Odds: The Struggle to Save The Ridges.  Kister is also the Producer of the 2006 film Caribou People.