Appeal of the NSA's Initial Denial Authority


Chad Kister




the National Security Agency


June 13, 2011


Chad Kister, appellant, pro-se

Diane M Janosek, Deputy Associate Director for policy and records


Chad Kister asks for all due leniency because he is not an attorney.


Appeal of the NSA's Denial of Records about Chad Kister's Own Health


            What a horrific, sadistic state of American history when Author and Film Maker Chad Kister has to file an appeal to get records about his own health.  A brain implant was put into Chad Kister by Sasha Segetic and Ross Martin on March 27, 2009, a day after the Department of Homeland Security received a FOIA letter by Chad Kister, for documents about himself.

            Information about the brain implant that was put into Kister against his will is critical for him to receive a proper medical examination, and for doctor's to uphold the hippocratic oath.  To claim that a device that is put inside of someone is classified information is to admit that the brain implant was put into Kister.  This act is a form of murder, because it is killing Kister with brain cancer, an assault, an assault with a deadly weapon, because implants can cause cancer, it is intentional infliction of emotional duress, torture, terrorism, a criminal violation of privacy, a violation of computer hacking laws, as the brain is a form of computer, and numerous other crimes that supersede any national security interest.

            Because Kister is running for County Commissioner, and he has made it very public that he has a brain implant, this information is also a violation of election laws.  Kister is being unfairly hindered and labeled as a lunatic when in fact he is uncovering the biggest, most horrific government scandal every in US history.

            This is also a violation of Kister's 1'st Amendment Rights, because he has the right to know about his own health, as his published books are mostly about his first-hand experiences, written mostly in the third person.  Kister has a right to know about what was put in his own body, so that he can warn the world about this new form of rape, terrorism, torture, thought policing, passcode stealing, and psychological warfare and terrorism and torture.

            Because Kister could publish this information, and make an enormous profit, as well as saving the planet from the inevitable World War III completely planetary anhilation that is inevitable if this is not make public fast, it is also a violation of his 5th Amendment Rights, as a taking of his property without compensation.

            Because this information could help to get the implant removed, which would end this m,ost horrific form of 24-7 interrogation, it is also a violation of Kister's 4th Amendment Rights against unwarranted search and seizure.

            Also, the national security interests of a public discourse in this matter far outweigh the interests of keeping it secret.  Out country was founded upon the principals of participatory democracy, where the citizens run the government through elected officials.  Citizens cannot possibly know who to vote for, if issues such as the implantation of Americans are not publicly discussed.  Also, whether or not we should be doing this activity needs to be discussed.

            The conduct brain surgery against one's will, before the American people even know that this is being done, let alone have the right to be involved in the public rulemaking process to determine whether it should be used or not (and of course nobody except Satanists and Nazis would favor this), the decision to put the brain implant in is not Constitution, and is therefore illegal.

            This, the technology itself is now evidence in a crime.  Also, a representative of the Toronto, Canada police department said that Canada wanted me to have the implant removed, so Canada could use it as evidence against the United States.  Also, Kister went to Cuba legally, with a license to write a book on Hemmingway (and he has at least 40 pages already written, single spaced).  He saw numerous doctors throughout the country, who said that the x-rays were not normal.  Dr. Angel in Moron, Cuba, requested all of Kister's medical data.  After reviewing his MRI, he found that Kister had skull fractures, and a frontal sinus communication.

            Because nobody has been prosecuted yet for the skull fractures, this is further evidence that needs to be provided to Kister in a timely manner, with the clock for statute of limitations ticking.