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June 16, 2011

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NSA Admits Putting Brain Implant in Author Chad Kister

            The National Security Agency admitted putting a brain implant into Chad Kister, because they denied answering his FOIA request for documents about his own health (see page 2, paragraph 2 of their denial letter at

            Also, the Fourth District Court of Appeals for Ohio found that Author and Film Maker Chad Kister, who was incarcerated for 23 days for publicizing the brain implant that was put in him by the FBI against his will, did have grounds to appeal the decision to commit him.

            The NSA letter reads, “The classified nature of the National Security Agency's efforts prevents us from either confirming or denying the existence of intelligent records responsive to you request, or whether any specific technique or method is employed in those efforts.  The fact that the existence or non-existence of responsive records is a currently and properly classified matter...”

            For the NSA to say that my own medical records are classified, and kept from me, shows how far we have gone to a Nazi dictatorship, where are government puts brain implants into those who protest in order to mind control them into complete subservience to the police state.

            Kister appealed that decision on June 13, 2011, within the 60-day time period.

            Kister's appeal states that he has a right to his own medical records under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions, the Hippocratic Oath (because his doctors have also denied records except those in other countries), and it is a violation of his 5th Amendment Rights.  This is because with these records, Kister could publish a book, warning the world of this nightmare to humanity and all life to come.  While doing a public service, Kister would make money that is now being denied by the NSA's refusal to give documents, a taking without compensation.

            Kister also argues that national security would be improved by releasing the data, because with this, security codes are no longer safe, and people will be mind controlled into World War III.

            “The United States is raping, torturing, terrorizing and thought policing it's citizens in campaigns of aggressive assault and battery against those targeted by the goons in the FBI and Department of Homeland Security,” Kister said.  “We live in a brutal, Gestapo dictatorship but it is hidden from public view with National Security Letters.”

            Phone Calls to Chad Kister have not gone through, emails have not gone through, and his mail has been routinely stolen.  FBI surveillance teams (better called Goon Squads)  have broken into Kister's house dozens of times.  Most recently, Shawna Judson, who had rented a room in Kister's upstairs hostel, broke in through the floors to Kister's first floor apartment.

            Kister went to Cuba, legally with a license to write a book on Hemmingway, and had a Cuban doctor confirm that he has a frontal sinus communication, another word for a brain implant.  The Toronto police department wanted Kister to get the device removed at one of their hospitals to use it as evidence against the United States because it was violating Canadian privacy laws.  But Canadian doctors were prevented from seeing Kister by CIA operatives who followed Kister around, terrorizing him.

            Phone calls, emails and mail to Chad Kister have been illegally intercepted, and Kister has demanded action from the Athens County Sheriff's office, which has has already put on notice that he intends to sue.  Kister has already sued the Athens County Sheriff's office successfully, as well as two other police agencies.  On WAIS Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly said, “Why don't you get it out?” referring to the brain implant.  Kister would like to get it out, and has had 7 doctors say that he has it, but the 5 US doctors were given National Security Letters and ordered not to give Kister a referral to a neural surgeon.,  Doctors outside the US said that they should talk with the doctors who put it in to know how to get it out, leaving Kister with a brain cancer causing, torturing mind control device.

            Because of his intercepted phone calls and horrendous phone quality, Kister filed a lawsuit against AT&T through the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  You can see the PUCO lawsuit on their website, as well as the Appeals Court Decision.  The NSA appeal is at

            Kister invited journalists and anyone else who does not want to break into Kister's first floor apartment, to come and stay at his hostel, on the second floor of his house, to write about this massive international issue.

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