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April 7, 2010

Contact: Chad Kister:;; 740-753-3888 or 740-707-4110

Author on sixth day of hunger strike against brain implant

Author and film maker Chad Kister began a hunger strike on April 2, until the U.S. Government admits that it has put in a brain implant, and are engaging in thought torture.

"My x-rays show the brain implant clearly, and there is no question that this technology exists," Kister said. Thus far, he has announced his case in the third person, to protect his credibility because so few people know this technology exists.

The x-rays at, flickr and Chad Kister's Google blog clearly show a brain implant on his frontal lobe, just below his forehead. Kister was assaulted March 27, 2009 by Sasha Segetic (formerly Sasha McCully) and Ross Martin, and knocked out. He woke up with scars on his forehead, and severe head pain. Kister has requested that the Athens County Sheriff's office investigate, but they have not, apparently being the cause of the implant.

Kister has been a victim of gang stalking done with a brain implant to protect numerous people from lawsuits because they violated his civil liberties, threatened and assaulted him.

"While some may question this, because of their inability to see an obvious implant in the x-rays, or their lack of understanding about this technology, I am the author of three books, the producer of the film Caribou People, and have recently completed my Masters Degree at Ohio University in Environmental Studies, with a 3.5 GPA," Kister said. "Please look into the motivation behind those who are trying to discredit me: why can they not see an obvious object?"

Kister has also received x-rays in Windsor, Canada, and an MRI at Holzier Clinic. He has found more than a dozen other cases around the U.S. And Canada through his intensive publicity about brain implants in the last year since he became a victim. Kister has forwarded the information of all of the other complaints to the United Nations.

"This is a violation of human rights, under the United Nations Human Rights Charter, and a violation of numerous Constitutional Rights," Kister said. "One would expect this type of Gestapo thought policing in a country like China, or North Korea, but not in the United States of America. This violates everything our country stands for."

The lack of significant coverage by the media about brain computer interface technology and nonotechnology has allowed for covert means of monitoring and harassment that go unnoticed. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has been spending billions of dollars on brain implant technology. But the General Accounting Office has only spent a few percent of the money that was supposed to go for safeguarding the abuse of this technology.

"I implore citizens to undertake an investigation, and begin a campaign to expose this, before I die of brain cancer or starvation," Kister said. "The perpetrators of this terrorist act have used their knowledge of my whereabouts to poison and assault me, and intimidate me constantly."

Microchip in x-ray photo #1

Microchip in x-ray photo #2

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