For Immediate Release

October 22, 2009

Contact: Chad Kister:;;;; 740-753-3888 or 740-707-4110

Athens Joins More than 172 Countries, 4,457 Climate Actions

On October 24, the International Day of Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth, the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history.

In Athens, long-time Climate Change Activist and Author Chad Kister will give a presentation about the latest impacts of climate change in the Arctic at the Donkey Coffee House backroom (17 1/2 West Washington St.) from 6-7 p.m. this Saturday, October 24.

There will be big rallies in big cities, and incredible creative actions across the globe: mountain climbers on our highest peaks with banners, underwater demonstrations in island nations threatened by sea level rise, churches and mosques and synagogues and ashrams engaged in symbolic action, star athletes organizing mass bike rides—and hundreds upon hundreds of community events to raise awareness of the need for urgent action.

Many scientists, including NASA Senior Scientist James Hansen warn that by being over 350 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we are triggering numerous positive feedback mechanisms, such as melting Arctic ice and releasing methane from the melting permafrost, that are accelerating the warming, pushing us toward unstoppable change. We are now at 388 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and increasing more than 2 ppm per year.

Every event will highlight the number 350—and people will gather at some point for a big group photo depicting that all important message. At, we'll assemble all the photos for a gigantic, global, visual petition.

"Getting below 350 ppm will not be easy, but it is necessary," Kister said. "While some warn of economic collapse if we mandate greenhouse gas emission reductions, I argue quite the opposite. This will create a massive new economic upsurge that will revitalize our economy while greatly reducing health care costs as we reduce pollution. This was shown with our efforts to reduce acid rain with the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Using a cap and trade system to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, the coal industry spent about $1.6 billion of what they had estimated would cost $5.7 billion to cut more than 4 million tons of pollutants from the air. The estimated health care savings were as much as $70 billion.

The thousands of events on October 24 will drive 350 and all that it represents into the public arena, and change the negotiating environment as we head towards the crucial UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen in December of 2009. Copenhagen may well be the pivotal moment that determines whether or not we get the planet out of the climate crisis, and your actions on October 24 will help our leaders realize we need a real solution that pays attention to the science.

"Come be a part of this mass movement to solve the greatest challenge that we face: climate change," Kister said. "While many think about climate change and drowning polar bears, humanity, too is at risk. We owe it to future generations to do our part and learn the latest about this crisis. Just by being at this event you will participate in a global call for action on this critical issue at this pivotal time. Please stop standing on the side lines, and join the movement, before it is too late."