For Immediate Release

January 21, 2012

Contact: Chad Kister (740) 753-3000 or (740) 707-4110 or or

Judge Bennett Drops Charges Against Chad Kister

False charges against Chad Kister have been dismissed by Appointed judge Douglass Bennett. Judge Bennett wished Kister well in his federal lawsuit for violations of his civil liberties under color of law (circa 1983). The judge also hinted that Kister was due millions of dollars in damages.

The Ohio Attorney Generals Office admitted that Chad Kister was given a brain implant against his will by the government in their effort to quash a subpoena that Kister gave to the Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare, as did the National Security Agency in their refusal to give Kister records about his own health (see Kister has appealed the NSA's ruling, and they are expected to make a decision soon.

Kister also submitted his x-rays showing the brain implant into the record, without objection from the special prosecutor.

Kister was accused of threatening a radio host, when in fact her stepson, Travis Elliot, said that Kister's comments were not even directed at the radio host, Sharron Elliot.

"I have been slandered and maligned by Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly's false charges, and I will hold him accountable in federal court," Kister said. "Sheriff Pat Kelly needs to be charged with economic terrorism for trying to shut down my business, along with deriliction of duty for not prosecuting numerous people who have broken into my apartment. Pat Kelly is also a terrorist for interfering with Chad Kister's communications.  Sheriff Pat Kelly is a paranoid lunatic not only with a gun but also in charge of the Athens County Sheriff's: a dangerous combination."

The Special Prosecutor in the case admitted that the purpose of the charges was to silence Chad Kister, a horrific violation of his First Amendment Rights. "It is time for the media to expose the biggest scandal on the planet: the brain implantation of people by nefarious governments like the United States. This brain implantation is a threat to everything our country stands for, and will lead inevitably to World War III unless the media do their duty and cover this story (see

Now, nefarious government agencies are intercepting phone calls and emails to Chad Kister. Please feel free to record any call to Chad Kister's numbers, and do a story about this issue. When citizens cannot even receive phone calls, and the media will not cover it, we have already become a totalitarian police state. If you cannot get through, come to Kister house and hostel (directions are at and ring the doorbell or come up his driveway off of Conner Rd..