Here is an email from Tim Sheals to Chad Kister October 9, 2012 that Kister has
forwarded to the Athens County Sheriff's for prosection:
You know have less then one week to remove my name from your web site 
perminently (sic) If you do not, if I don't hav e (sic) the time and patence (sic) to go 
through court, I will take any and all actions capable to finish you and 
your campaign off. You just hit your end in life a**hole if yo0u (sic) continue 
to try to destroy mine, kidnap and brainwash peiople (sic) I know. Call the 
puplic (sic) to jail me while I am in school until I got pulled over every 
other day. convincing young dumb impressdionable (sic) kids to jail me with 
out due cause. I am a free man mister kmister (sic), but I will do timer (sic)
taking you out and all yo9u (sic) have been doing to galt and destroy my 
life during this critical point in development. Youir (sic) almost to 
dead man walking you nasty little a** hole punk, Down or die 
* note that the profanity was edited out by Chad Kister prior to posting
Here is an email Tim Sheals sent in August, 2012 trying to extort me. 8/20/12 to me

Change it into a story about how I pulled an open water rescue on the hocking river, have worked with Food not Bombs, Bread and Jams, PTK, many others. Guided multiple people through the grand canyon, and achieved academic greatness. Along with.being one of busser barebacks when the.Cleveland flats when it was happening, before heading into solar pro, and I won't hit you with international deprivation of.character harassment, and riling up the.masses to file false police reports. But that's the.last offer. You have 12 hours before I start missing work to take this issue you.have created, and destroy you with it.

Here is an email from Chad Kister to Athens County sheriff Pat Kelly asking him to file charges against Tim Sheals, which included Tim Sheals email:

8/21/12 to sheriffkelly (from Chad Kister) I would like to file extortion charges against Tim Sheals, as well as breaking and entering and burglary charges. Chad