Schedule a stop on the Tongass National Forest and Climate Action speaking tour

With my fall speaking tour rapidly coming into place, I have uploaded a video to showing the first part of my journey through the Tongass National Forest , with scores of photos, many taken from a Greenpeace helicopter.

 The Tongass National Forest is under attack with clear-cut logging planned for hundreds of thousands of acres of old growth forest.  A timber company recently won approval to clear-cut 348 acres of old growth forest in a roadless area near Ketchikan , in the Tongass.  Meanwhile, The American Clean Energy and Security Act is headed for the Senate, and climate talks are scheduled in Copenhagen .

 I am launching a speaking tour to address both the Tongass and Climate Change, and have current interest for presentations in Palmdale, California; Los Angeles; Laramie, Wyoming; Toledo and Bowling Green, Ohio; Scottsdale, New York; Maine; New Hampshire; and Ashville, North Carolina.  Please consider hosting a presentation in your home town or campus by emailing me at and calling (740) 753-3888 or (740) 707-4110 (cell).  Please make sure you get a response, or try again, as many emails and messages are not getting through.  The tour will be roughly October 7-November 6.

 We need to encourage President Barrack Obama to restore the Roadless Rule, which was put in place by the Clinton Administration after a record 1.7 million comments in favor of the rule.  The people of our country clearly want our precious ancient forest protected.

 The presentation shows just why this forest needs to be permanently protected from logging.  It is one of the few places left on our planet that still has a robust salmon run in the tens of millions of fish.  But the science is clear that when clear-cut logging takes place, the salmon fisheries crash, as has been seen in Washington , Oregon and California .

 More than thirty times more people are employed by the tourism and fishing industries than in the logging industry.  But the clear-cutting threatens both the fishing and tourism industries.

 With Climate Change, the presentation will show the latest science about how climate change is unleashing feedback loops, such as the melting of Arctic sea ice, the release of methane from the permafrost and methane clathrates, and more.  This is pushing us over tipping points to an unstoppable, horrific climate crisis.

 We need to strengthen the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and pass it through the Senate.  Meanwhile, the U.S. needs to encourage a strong international climate treaty in negotiations in Copenhagen .

 By hosting a presentation, you can both directly educate participants, and work to get newspapers and radio and television stations to cover the event, to help further both causes.