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October 20, 2004
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Coal Company Allowed to Continue Mining in Woods

ATHENS COUNTY, OH. (2004-10-18) The chair of the Ohio Reclamation Commission has ruled to allow the Ohio Valley Coal Company to continue mining near Dysart Woods.

Chad Kister of Dysart Defenders says he's disappointed in the ruling but not surprised.

"It wasn't an enormous surprise, but we're hoping that because of the importance of the issue and the extreme importance of dysart woods, that they would've made a better decision to protect this last ancient forest in ohio," says Kister.

Kister says even though the mining won't be happening underneath Dysart Woods, it's close enough to cause harm to the forest.

"It is absolutely invaluable. We simply do not have another example of the original ecosystem that once covered our state."

Kister says the Dysart Defenders will file an appeal to the ruling tomorrow, asking the entire reclamation commission to look at the issue.

If the commission doesn't overturn the decision, Kister says Dysart Defenders will take the case to the 7th District Court of Appeals.

The mining company has denied that any serious environmental damage has been done to Dysart Woods.

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